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免看看黄20分钟大片 app:师说 | Easy Version of Meditation: One Way to Soothe Your Bad Emotions

发布日期:2021-01-04    作者:高媛媛,孙笑澄    编辑:于小斐    浏览次数:

When people are in down mood and lying in bed, although practicing it in different ways, one of the really hard things to do is that you can be just bombarded with negative thoughts. It makes you feel worse and worse, and get yourself into a terrible, bad, miserable pit of despair. One possible strategy to deal with it is mindful meditation, or some form of meditation relaxation. Whenever you have bad emotions, you can take this coming week as an experiment and just see how it works for you. It may be useful for you.

Assuming you’re staying in bed in a quiet place and feeling comfortable, meditating with  a lower aggressive attitude (here we call it passive attitude). There are different ways to do this. Some will use a mantra, a word that they will repeat over and over again, sometimes along with their breath. Some even just use the number one. In a word, take a breath, say the mantra.

If you like counting, you can count. But the problem is  people can’t even get to 10 in most cases because you get distracted(that’s where the passive attitude comes in).Even  you just count number one, you’ll still find your mind wander. Just like people will count sheep to deal with insomnia, usually it doesn’t work because your brain is still working when you are counting.It’s usually about “what’s wrong with me?” “I’m abnormal. I should be normal.” “I can’t even imagine getting a normal life back.” Then you start to go down that road.

Passive attitude means that you know what’s going to happen, and you sort of see it happening and notice it. Then you just bring yourself back to the number one. Or if you’re counting, you can count one with a breath and two with another breath,just like you restart with new breath. Passive attitude means that it’s okay to get distracted. There’s no reason to say, “what’s wrong with me? I can’t even count to five without getting distracted.” You can just say, “ah, I’ve noticed myself being distracted and coming back to the number one.” And then you may decide just to say the number one, and just to breathe for as long as you can. But you’ll get distracted again and you can come back to it. The point is just to let yourself come back to a neutral word in your mind that you use.

If you just lay there,thinking the number over and over , you can use other mental devices too. You can use an image of someone you care or love, and put it in your mind. ,Then think of her/his image along with each breath. You can also pick someone who is spiritual or kind-hearted, such as a prayer who can say that over and over again. Of course, the mind will still wander, and that’s what mind does. Just bring it back to the image of someone gently, or to the number one or counting as soon as you notice it wandering。

Another thing I want you to try is to write down your mood on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 means you feel most upset, 10 means you feel very good and you are in the excellent mood) along with what you’re thinking about on your notebook,, whether you’re thinking about yourself or something else. It’ll just be a mood rating plus what you are thinking about at the moment that may be related to the rate.

Last but not least, keep practicing meditation and check on your scale. Keep your expectations low, because you’ve been feeling down for a while. We won’t be able to snap our fingers and make it go away immediately. But if we work on these things, we may see and learn something over the following days.









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