Keeping a Family Journal While Travelling with Children

Travelling with children can be a challenging task, especially during the long stretches in which you need to spend time waiting in the airport or travelling by train. The secret in transforming such times into exciting ones is to keep the children occupied. Keeping a travelling journal is a great way to do just that and transform all those pesky waiting times into educational and fun filled experience.

How to Start the Journal?

The first thing to do is to buy a few empty hardcover journals. Journals that are the size of a regular book will probably serve you best. The journal can be a factual or a fictional one and should start from day one of your trip. Decide in advance whether you want to have one journal for the entire family or have each one of the children write a journal of his own. Children that do not know how to write yet can use an adult that will help them while they will illustrate the journal.

Fact or Fiction?

While a factual travel journal is an option, you may consider having the children create a fictional one which will transform the events around them into fantasy. You can provide the children some assistance by giving them ideas about how to creatively transform the environment around them. To provide an example: while waiting in the airport, tell the children that they are now waiting to be transported to a fantasy land and all the people around them are fairy creatures awaiting their turn to board the magic flying carriage. The children can then write about their environment and illustrate it. Suddenly, that boring wait is transformed into a magical and fun filled event! Of course, you can create your own variations of this fictional journal game and even transform it into a book once you get back home from your hotel close to ichilov hospital.